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Breastfeeding Advice

For some mums breastfeeding will be easy, whilst for others it can be quite a challenge and add to the pressure you are already feeling as a new mum. Both of these experiences are completely normal, but don't worry help is at hand. We're not experts on breastfeeding, but Lansinoh are, they have been advising women in this area for over 25 years and have put together a helpful animated video guide to breastfeeding.

At Lansinoh we know that midwives and health visitors are best placed to help women to breastfeed comfortably, but we are also aware that the one thing they are lacking in is time. For this reason, we have worked with a team of midwives and health visitors to develop some visual tools for mums to refer to when they are on their own or need extra guidance, including a visual guide and animation. The guide offers advice on getting into position and latching on, which can be pinned up on the wall or popped in a changing bag.

Watch the 2am Mums animation - showing hints and tips and answers to common breastfeeding problems.

For more information about Lansinoh, please visit If you have any concerns about breast feeding, talk to your health visitor.

Ask the expert

If you have a question, head over to the Lansinoh website and take a look through their most popular asked questions to see if your answer lies here. If not, please feel free to ask our expert via e-mail and get a personal response.

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