New baby, new body

Mums' experience of the Fourth Trimester

Bio-Oil carried out a survey* with mums to find out what it's really like to experience the first few months of motherhood. Here's what we found.

A rollercoaster ride of emotions, with a lot of changes to all areas of my life

Exhausting, emotional, rewarding, a steep learning curve!

Never know love like it. Rewarding but exhausting

Stressful but beautiful

Overwhelming, tiring, stressful & yet somehow amazing at the same time

Amazing and wonderful, but hard work too!


of new mums are worried about body shape in first 3 months


feel guilty about taking time for themselves


new mums expect their bodies to return to normal in 2-3 months


of new mums have stretch marks


new mums think the first months will be easier for the Duchess of Cambridge


have changed their skincare routine since having their baby